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Either/Or: Night Swims

During our first two seasons, we had this video segment called Either/Or as a double tribute to my heroes Elliott Smith and Søren Kierkegaard (No, Kierkegaard is not a Danish indie folk singer songwriter). I decided to resurrect it as a written version because I missed it. I asked the San Diego based band Night Swims to debut this version and they were kind enough to play with it. It is a simple concept, the artist chooses between two terms I give them. Some of the alternatives are based on their music and lives, but sometimes they're just silly for no other reason than to entertain me.

Idle/Wild is a musical atmospheric journey carefully crafted and orchestrated by Michael Thomas, a San Diego based artist. Thomas, somewhat of a troubadour, has lived in Chicago and Ireland before moving to California.

Idle or Wild?

Idle leads to wild

Pool or Ocean?

Ocean. I hate chemicals

PJ Harvey or Spiritualized?

Right now I’d say PJ Harvey. She has had a more daring career up to this point.

Chicago or San Diego?

Chicago in April and September. San Diego the rest of the year. I wish I could move to Chicago to the west coast.

Isley Brothers or Black Sabbath?

I’d say Isley Brothers as they are a bigger overall influence in my life now.

Rosé or Pinot Grigio?

Do they make n/a Rosé? I’d choose that

Bob Dylan or Townes Van Zandt?

Townes man. I love Zimmerman but as Steve Earle said, he truly was the greatest American songwriter.

Oasis Or Blur?

Blur. Graham Coxon is one of my favorite guitarists of all time and their creative choices are much more aligned with what I believe artists should do as far as evolving and taking risks.

Phil Spector or Rick Rubin?

Rubin. The artists Spector worked with are what made him a name. Rubin made artists a name.

A foam leg or 3 ducks that follow you everywhere you go?

I like ducks

Answers provided by Michael Thomas.

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- Vincent Walter Jacob


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