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This article is for our community of indie musicians out there. Very often we give the spotlight to musicians and artists but we vowed to create an inclusive community of EVERYONE involved in the daunting task of saving rock n' roll. Many of the actors of our growing community are on the other side of the stage and they have very useful insight regarding a musician's career. And it's also our goal to reach out to them and give them the mic so you can benefit from their knowledge.

In the case of Fanny, she's on every side of the stage as she is also the bass player from the band Yard Of Blondes. Actually, it's the journey with her band that gradually directed her to the path of becoming a PR agent. After meeting many opportunities of frustration regarding the promo of her band (a few overpriced campaigns with no results to be clear...), she started to take the fate of her band into her own hands and decided to handle all promo tasks for the band herself. Years of learning and successes (plugging her band to more than 200 radio worldwide, countless blogs, playlists, getting press in Rolling Stone Magazine or Bass Magazine are some of her achievements) have attracted other bands and brands to her and that's how she naturally decided to launch her own PR agency.

What is great about Fanny's journey is that she is still, to this day, an artist and that she knows all the struggles the indie community of musicians has to face on an everyday basis. She knows the industry and follows her evolution day by day with her band and she has to face the same questions indie musicians do. How do I get plugged into a great Spotify/Apple/Amazon/Deezer playlist? Should we release only singles now to maximize promotion? Fanny addresses these questions in this episode and many more.

She's a firm believer that indie bands can achieve so much by themselves. That's why she created the Undercover band PR blog. On this blog, she gives her tips for free and her goal is to help the community to get self-sufficient when it comes to promo.

Of course, many musicians don't have the time to do everything themselves and that's when you need a PR agent. If anything, Fanny shows there are people out there that can be part of the industry and still believe in the future of rock. That's reassuring. Also, she's very open and friendly so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding your project.

Listen to our extended interview with Fanny Hulard on your favorite platform:


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