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Holiday Special Episode Part2 - Charles (Analog Party) & Vincent (Yard Of Blondes)

Since Fernanda and I have started this podcast we have made new friends. Our little dream of building a community around the local rock scene has become true. Every day, we’re joined by new people of goodwill sharing the same passion for amplified music. It happens that those people are most of the time also very cool and funny and it’s not only our musical community who is growing but also our circle of friends.

Just like Brinley Amicon, Charles Horin, the bass player for Analog Party is one of them. Fernanda brought Analog Party on the podcast at the very beginning of our adventure (EPISODE 6: I didn’t know them before but I’ve come to love their music and also greatly enjoy the company of both Animaan, the singer, and our co-host today, Charles. So when Fernanda and I decided we’d do something different for the holiday season, I didn’t think twice before involving Charles.

He’s a skilled musician, a good music critic and connoisseur, a fine analyst of the local scene but also, he’s very funny and silly, which are two qualities that I needed for this Holiday Special episode. I tested positive to COVID-19 on December 10th so we decided to do this episode over zoom while Charles was in Florida. We tackled very critical questions like: « Is this a Christmas or a Hanukkah episode? », « Are you a truck-type of guy? ». See, very important questions…

More seriously, once we awakened we talked about the podcast and tried to reflect on how beneficial it has been for our community during the last year. We also talked about songwriting methods and shared our insecurities about creating new music. Ultimately we tried to uncover what makes a new band relevant and we tried to identify what makes a sonic revolution.

Along the way, we’ve been a little geeky too, just like when we talked about the Fender VI (debating if it’s more of a guitar or a bass). We also shared some personal anecdotes (for example the one about the time I pretended to be a famous French poet to make my way to a VIP Ringo Star show at the Hard Rock Cafe). But mostly we tried to remain silly and at the end of the episode, we did two games, the « Christmas gift Either / Or » and the « 1996 Hit machine blind test » where Charles had to compete against Fanny Hill (another great bass player of course, because she plays in Yard Of Blondes).

Listen until the end and you’ll hear a special song inspired by Charles's childhood memories… I won’t say more… Have fun listening to this while cooking for your guests on New Year’s eve or during your commute after your last rehearsal of the year. We wish you a very happy new year. See you all soon at a Hanging On Sunset party.




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