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Kotta - New Crowned King

The existence of Kotta is fragile. Actually, it only exists in our universe. In a parallel universe, Eric Gorlow, the person behind this strange moniker, is a Marine Biologist who saves whales from dying on our shores, much like George Constanza.

Another dimension of the multiverse has Eric as an actor, a screenwriter, and a director. In his films, he gives life to haunting tales that are born from our collective unconsciousness.

Step into another world and you'll find Eric Gorlow singing some psychedelic blues into a desert cabaret. Black holes collided during a rare cosmic event, and those alternative realities somehow merged into the one we are familiar with. According to some, it happened when David Bowie died. In retrospect, everything seems a bit glitchy ever since. An oasis of poetry persists despite pandemics, wars, and other terrible events. Kotta belongs to that oasis.

Eric Gorlow is a real Renaissance man lost in a dark age, and through his various personas, he shows us a way to redemption through art. But redemption comes at a cost, one that many will not be able to comprehend. They'll resent it, fight it, or simply ignore it. So be it. Kotta's music isn't for everyone and that's why it's so exciting. Like a candle flame dancing in the wind, it might not last, so see for yourself if you want to get burned.

Stray little Legs" (2020) is a song he composed for his movie “Let’s Dream“. For his first single, Kotta remained in the shadows and asked L.A. based singer Buel to sing it.

In 2021, Kotta’s voice came to life as he debuted Dolly's Overdue", his second single.

The fact that you are still reading means you're one of the lucky few who can connect to Eric Gorlow's artistic vision.

For every effort, there’s a reward:

Kotta’s third single "New Crowned King" is being released today.

See you on the other side.

- Vincent Walter Jacob


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