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Robin Diaz (Courtney Love, Chris Cornell, Candlebox,...) - "Serve the music, Lower the ego".

We got lucky to cross paths with Robin Diaz, a seasoned drummer who’s been around the LA scene since the early ’90s. Ever since his first tour when he was 16, Robin hasn’t stopped performing and recording with some of the most iconic rock artists of our time and, as a result, you probably heard him beat the shit out of his drums more times than you can imagine. You think I exaggerate? Well, just look at the list of people he’s been collaborating with: Courtney Love, Billy Corgan, Líve, Simple Plan, Candlebox, Bauhaus/Peter Murphy, Chris Cornell, 3Doors Down, Danzig, Avril Lavigne, and countless more (check for yourself: .

Talking to Robin was not only fantastic because he’s a fucking great drummer but also because he’s been a key witness of the evolution of the LA scene. For him, it all started at a rehearsal spot in Hollywood on Santa Monica and Cole Avenue. At night, he was sleeping in his van on the parking lot and during the day he spent his time mastering his craft, drumming until he couldn’t drum anymore. Around him, bands like Kiss or Rage Against The Machine were rehearsing. Robin, patiently kept drumming and drumming until he caught the attention of someone who would recognize his talent and need him. That’s what happen, for example, when his idols Kiss called him to help record the demos of what would become Psycho Circus. And that’s only one of the many stories that he told us on the podcast. I guess for Robin, it all came down to dedication and embracing a « Yes mentality ». He said "yes" to every opportunity that could give him a new experience but most of all, any experience where he would have fun.

Also, he was staying close to the scene. The question is, is there still a scene? To Robin, there’s no doubt about this, there’s a scene. He praises new bands like S8nt Elektric and as much as the LA club scene can suck, bands need to stick together and impose their vision and determination so they can grow together. That’s exactly what we’ve been advocating for with our podcast and that’s why our little community will grow and get somewhere. Because we share Robin’s dedication and because we believe in that simple thing: together, we’re stronger.

Vincent Jacob


Robin Diaz by Vincent Jacob

Robin Diaz by Fernanda

Robin Diaz By Fernanda

Robin Diaz with Fernanda and Vincent


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