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Season 3 Episode 11 // THEORY OF A DEADMAN - an interview backstage at the Wiltern (+ SKILLET)

Hey, what's up folks? Welcome to another episode of my podcast. Today we're coming to you from the heart of LA, where I had the chance to sit down with the guys from Theory of a Deadman backstage at one of my favorite venues: The Wiltern. These rockers from the Great White North have been doing their thing since 2001, and let me tell you, they've still got it! With 7 albums under their belt and a brand new one called 'Dinosaur', they're out here killing the game on their tour with Skillet and Saint Asonia.

During our conversation, we talked about everything from their latest album to their end-of-the-world survival plans. We even touched on their rewrite of 'Just the Two of Us', which let's just say, involves a certain virus we've all been dealing with.

These guys are as cool as they come and had me laughing throughout the interview, all while still managing to show their passion for their craft. I mean, seriously, these guys could be out playing golf, but instead, they're out here rocking it out like champs.

We also dug into their collaborations with legends like Alice Cooper and their experience playing the 'Dancing Queen' piano at ABBA's studio in Stockholm. And of course, we had to talk about the 'Rock Resurrection' tour and whether rock music is really dead or alive and kicking.

After our chat, my boy Julien and I caught the last show of their tour, and it was packed with die-hard fans. These guys really know how to put on a show and left everything on that stage, leaving everyone with a smile of satisfaction on their faces (+ a few bruises).

So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive into my conversation with Tyler, Dave, Dean, and Joey from Theory of a Deadman, right here on the Hanging on Sunset Podcast.

-Vincent Walter Jacob

Live Photos by Julien André:




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