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Season 3 Episode 9 // SCOUT GILLETT

If you're looking for a singer who isn't afraid to be raw, honest, and unapologetic in their music, then you need to know about Scout Gillett. I got to watch her perform solo at the Zebulon towards the end of last year, and I was moved to tears. That doesn't happen a lot those days for me.

Her latest album, "No Roof No Floor", is a testament to her journey as an artist and a singer. "When I'm recording a song, it's crucial for me to have a personal connection to it." Scout says. "I want to deliver an authentic performance, one that comes straight from the heart." This approach is evident in every track on the album, which showcases her powerful voice and emotional depth.

But Scout isn't just about the music – she's also dedicated to making a positive impact on her community. As someone who has been trained in NARCAN, a program that provides education and resources to help people respond to opioid overdoses, Scout sees this as an opportunity to give back and make a difference.

Tour life is where Scout truly shines, and she loves the energy and excitement of live audiences. "There's something magical about sharing your music with a live audience" she says. "It's a connection that can't be replicated." If you're in LA, you'll be able to witness that with your own soul because Scout is back on March 21st, on a very interesting bill put on by Sid The Cat, the best booker in town. Plus, she will be sharing the stage with Ben Grey, the leader of Dear Boy, who appears to be the next guest on our couch.

- Vincent Walter Jacob

Scout Gillett's guitar and voice, much like her mentor Sharon Van Etten, have the ability to touch the heart. In this performance, Scout sings the emotional and previously unreleased song "Blur" for us. Despite experiencing technical difficulties with one of the lights during the recording, this single take captured Scout's exceptional talent and made it unnecessary to redo the performance.

Vidéo: Julien André

Sound and Editing: Vincent Walter Jacob

Scout By Mathias Carette:

Scout by Vincent Walter Jacob:


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