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Slaves To Humanity - I Love It

Slaves To Humanity are just fresh off High School. The OC band members just graduated and they're releasing a new song to celebrate it. At least, it seems so because their new song is like a perfect summer song made to party. The "Sunset Grunge" band, as they like to call themselves are releasing a song leaning towards the 80's Sunset this time, as the artwork of I love it suggests it. Ghetto blaster on her shoulder, a blonde girl seems eager to carelessly party. In a world collapsing more and more every day, they are two ways to take this. When Aidan sings "Everything is fine", either you want to argue that it might not be or you just let yourself sunk by the infectious groove and casually enjoy this while it lasts. This morning, we woke up to the overturning of Roe vs Wade, sending us back to another century. It's a shock for the many who thought theocracy was a thing of the past in Occident. Well, right now, I'm personally still in denial and I think I'm going to take Slaves To Humanity's offer for a minute and allow myself to dream about a world filled with ghetto blasters and endless sunsets at the wet bar. The feeling won't last but I think we all need a moment of recess.

- Vincent Walter Jacob

Check our interview with Aidan for Slaves to humanity:


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