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Talker, Celestial Indie Pop

What stroke us most about the vibrant young woman we met is how dedicated and passionate she is. Her last single might be called « Sad chick », but when it comes to talking about her journey and music, she opens up and glows.

Celeste is the brain and voice behind Talker and she’s been around for a while now. She got her first big break as a touring musician for the electro-pop band Frenship and she gained a lot of experience with them as they were playing legendary stages like Red Rocks, The Bowery Ballroom, Lollapalooza, and Outside Lands.

When she came back from the tour, she felt ready to develop her project and that’s when Talker was born. As she navigated her way through the Los Angeles indie scene, she played most of our exciting clubs, among them the Hi-Hat (RIP), the Bootleg Theater (RIP), the Moroccan Lounge, the Roxy, and the Echo, to name a few.

Talker is a hard worker, you just have to check the campaign she launched for her last single to realize how much heart and dedication she puts into her music. She released her single along with an illustrated fanzine, a live version, a beautiful music video, and a very creative Halloween campaign showcasing different iconic « Sad chick » looks (check her Insta). She might be the mind behind all of that but she knows how to be surrounded by people of great talent. Talking about talented people, the first time we heard about her was when we interviewed Anthony and Marshall from Teenage Wrist. When we asked them who they liked in the scene they mentioned Celeste.

She might not be as Rock as other acts we have covered but there is something raw and definitely authentic about her that we love. Maybe it’s the fact she allows herself to expose her vulnerability and uses it to create, plus she does it with humor. « Sad chick » is a good example so naturally we wanted to talk to her about mental health and how she dealt with it during the pandemic. Celeste found relief in her art, she worked with friend and producer Dan Sadin on her next record and together they gave birth to a beautiful pop opus tainted with alternative colors that you’ll soon get to hear. Meanwhile, stop by our podcast and discover this smart, fascinating and determined young woman.

Listen to our extended interview with Celeste on your favorite platform:

Photos: 35mm by @happyaccidentphoto


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