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ZIGGY AWARDS 2022: Vote for your favorite episode of the year

In honor of all the artists we've crossed paths with this year at concerts or on our podcast, I asked my cat Ziggy to come up with an awardee list.

We will announce the winners in the following categories throughout this week:

  • Artist of the year: this category recognizes the best artist of the year, according to our favorite feline music critic.

  • Song of the Year: This category recognizes the best song of the year, as determined with the same biased criteria.

  • Album of the Year: This category recognizes the best album of the year, based on the quality of the music, lyrics, and overall artistic vision (I hope).

  • Best New Artist: This category recognizes a musician or group who has released a remarkable debut album or single in 2022.

  • Next Breakthrough Artist: This category recognizes an artist on the brink of gaining widespread recognition and popularity. Let's see if Ziggy is as good as Zoltar.

  • Best Music Video: This category recognizes the best music video of the year, based on creativity and cinematography.

  • Best Concert Performance: This category recognizes the best performance of the year according to the Hanging On Sunset team covering the LA scene.

  • Best Hanging On Sunset TV session: This award goes to our favorite live session from our studios at HK Corp.

But despite his authoritarian nature, Ziggy wanted our readers and listeners to have a say. The majesty Ziggy lets you choose for:

  • Best Podcast Episode: This award goes to your favorite episode of this year.

Vote for your favorite episode in the poll below. Your reasons for voting are yours. There's a good chance one of the guests is your favorite singer or your cousin. Who cares? Choose wisely or don't, the poll closes at midnight on Friday, December 16th. The winner will be announced with the last batch of awardees, including the most prized one, The Artist Of The Year 2022.






- Vincent Walter Jacob

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De loin, frère !

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