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Before we met Brinley, I came across her Instagram account thanks to the almighty algorithm gods and I was intrigued by this young woman shredding old-time classic rock riffs on her Gibson. She was sharing reels of herself performing her favorite riffs from Led Zepplin or Aerosmith and I thought to myself "what the hell is happening? Is there a niche for everything now?" Well, I suppose, and the good news is that a 20 something-year-old girl can build a solid fan base with her axe, throwing leads to the faces of youngsters who were born in the Justin Bieber era. But then I wondered: "Maybe I'm the target audience for that, maybe her reels are reaching out to old dudes missing the golden era of rock n' roll, maybe it's pure nostalgia for the boomers who have made their way to the world of the internet". I needed to find out!

So when Fernanda brought Brinley into the conversation, it was obvious she should be a guest on our show. Fernanda knew her, she met her at one of those Sunset Marquis nights on a Saturday night. Next thing you know, Brinley is with us in the studio. She's a vibrant girl, she has a loud laugh and she's very confident when it comes to her style of music and clothes. There's no way somebody could make her derive from her path to glory in the realm of classic rock. To her, there's no hesitation; Rock n' roll might not be the mainstream trend right now, but that's what she loves, so bear with it. She's going to keep rocking whatever happens. And you know what? Other young people find inspiration in her, that's the real beauty of it. She receives tons of messages from girls around the world who want to be playing the guitar just like her, girls her age or even younger. Gen Z didn't have a guitar hero yet. They might have found their guitar heroine.

Of course, one question remains. Can you only be an Instagram Guitar player? Yes, it is enough to attract prestigious brands (Brinley is endorsed by Gibson), but is it enough to build a sustaining carrier as a rock star? Well, Brinley is too smart to avoid the question. And she will admit that Instagram is a very great tool to build awareness around her art, but this is not her main goal. Because ultimately she dreams of touring with her band around the world and being on stage every night. She dreams of shredding her Gibson in front of her fans just like Joe Perry or Jimmy Page. Maybe one day she'll have her own Roller Coaster, like Aerosmith. There's one thing for sure, we're already on board.

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