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S8NT ELEKTRIC is a pretty young band yet, they're already playing festivals! It's crazy to think that they formed about 8 months ago and they already achieved so much on their own. Because, that's one of the keys to their early success, they like to do everything by themselves. They book their own warehouse shows, they record and mix their songs themselves, they do their artwork, manage their social networks, and so on. Quite impressive, yet quite necessary in this day and age.

You need to be your own powerhouse if you're going to want to go somewhere in that business in 2021. And that's why we think, rock n' roll can still be a thing because when you're in your in a band, you're not alone... You have each other, you can rely on everybody else. Most of the time, people have various skills and you should take advantage of that, just like Brianna, Niko, Eric, London, and Jack do. Yes, the last decade was all about bedroom pop, rappers, and solitary productions because suddenly all you needed to record, mix and distribute yourself was available on your computer. But it was also a decade of everybody staging themselves for a permanent broadcast and it served individuals in comparison to bands. The mystery on which rock n' roll was relying was suddenly obsolete. Everything was about the Self, in a constant flow of auto-promotion.

A sanitary and economic crisis later, people crave more authenticity and something organic. And that's why a band like S8NT ELEKTRIC has a chance to conquer the masses; they understand the history of rock n' roll but they are not nostalgic, they want to bring something new to the table and they can because they know how to navigate the digital world, ready to bend the rules: less "self", more "us", less superficiality, more authenticity. We're here witnessing the birth of a new generation of rockers that will be back on the top of the charts, that's my bet. Meanwhile, come with us to the Whisky a Gogo on October 24th to encourage them. 5 years from now, you'll thank us cause you'll be able to say: "I was at that show!".

Listen to S8NT ELEKTRIC's extended interview on our podcast on your favorite platform:



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