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Season 2 Episode 14 // GRACE MCKAGAN - "Baby, That's Rock N' Roll"

Grace McKagan is an up-and-coming rock artist that throws it back while throwing it forward. She’s been a musician since she was a small child at three, writing songs and performing for her parents. She was in the ex-band Pink Slips but decided to re-band and go solo. Grace has a variety of experiences with playing live shows, performing in small, dive venues like Harvard and Stone, and big festivals like Reading in the UK.

Fernanda: What do you do to save rock n’ roll?

Grace: I think it would be ridiculous if I saved rock n’ roll because I don’t feel that way. But, in my efforts of making rock n’ roll for the entirety of my career, I am trying to save the spirit of rock ‘n roll. I’ve always loved the passion and authenticity that rock n’ roll derived from. I just love rock ‘n roll. Maybe that saves rock n’ roll, being a fan and always learning new stuff.

In today’s current musical landscape, streams and appealing to the masses have become more relevant than before. The industry judges one based off the amount of Spotify listens, Tik Tok trends, and followers instead of the music. In a way, this has always been the case. But with social media the importance of popularity has grown into a bigger monster. Artists like Grace notes these trends while stressing the importance of staying true to yourself and the music.

Grace: I think of Instagram like a business card. It’s fun, almost like a game. I think Instagram should be fun. I’ve had people try to tell me in the past what to post and I don’t do it because I feel like it’s cheesy. And those posts might get less traction because people can tell that it’s manufactured.

You can tell that Grace marches to her own beat. Her music is fresh, unique, and contains a piece of rock music that reaches back to the roots. In a world of overproduced and similar sounds, Grace has found a sound that honors past decades while looking ahead to the future. Grace’s music features elements of 60s garage rock and a feeling of “live recordings” that bands like Aerosmith perfected.

Grace: When we do play shows, specifically the Harvard and Stone ones, we try to keep it as minimal and as rock n’ roll as possibly. The band I felt that for Harvard and Stone, using tracks would be ridiculous. They (tracks) are warranted for certain things like festivals or if you’re going to be on the road for months. It just depends on the show.

Grace touches upon the band’s dynamics, her influences, and the direction she wants to go towards for the future. Check out the whole interview below!

Grace McKagan has five singles out, including the new “Baby That’s Rock N Roll”. You can stream her music on all major platforms and keep up with her music on Instagram @gracemckagan.

Alex Shelley


Grace McKagan by Vincent Walter Jacob. Shot On Yashica T3.

Grace McKagan by Vincent Walter Jacob. Shot On Yashica T3.

Grace McKagan by Vincent Walter Jacob. Shot On Yashica T3.

Grace McKagan by Vincent Walter Jacob. Shot On Yashica T3.

Grace McKagan by Vincent Walter Jacob. Shot On Yashica T3.


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