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Season 2 Episode 22 // EL CAPLAN - Outlaw country with Latin flavor

Listen to our Podcast interview with El Caplan:

Hey folks! How are you? How's your summer going? Did you get that hot summer body you dreamed about all year? Have you ruined it already with too many Margaritas and BBQs? I can't believe it's already August and I have to come up with a plan to lose the 13 pounds I gained in Europe. 13 lbs, 6 kilos. Damn you, French bread and confiture! Damn those greasy paellas and all the sangria I got to drink in Spain too.

However, I won't complain. It was an amazing trip to my roots between Alicante, Spain and the South of France. I practiced my Spanish and met the 80-year-old brother of my late Spanish grandmother. I got to see old French friends and not worry about my broken English. If you follow me and Hanging On Sunset, you’re likely not bugged by my Frenchie accent. But I know some people do. A friend told another friend he couldn’t listen to the podcast because of my accent. Well, fuck you! There is nothing I can do about it. Neither can you! Because, he’s French of course… The nastiest species of motherfuckers in the whole world. Always complaining, always raging and always ready for a strike or a revolution... Yet, I have to give credit to that attitude because it’s probably the reason we have the best health system in the world and why we don’t have to work until 75 to get a pension... There always are pros and cons.

Anyway, I went to France and Spain and saw some family and friends. And it was great! But I’m glad I’m back in LA. Some people hate this town. It's hard to blame them. Nevertheless, it's nice to leave and return. The last 10 days, I have been recording new demos for my band Yard Of Blondes. That’s all I did. And frankly, that’s the best part of my summer. Because that’s what I love doing, playing music, listening to a lot of music and then writing music and about it. Anyway, I'm not gonna bother you with my life any longer.

We’re reaching the end of my summer special and today I have a young and brilliant artist from LA: El Caplan. We clicked right away, I can tell you that. Never heard of him, didn’t know him but he was performing at The Pionneertown Film festival and I wanted to meet him because they programmed so many great stuff there. I figured he would be great too. I wasn’t wrong. This guy is really talented and fun. We talked about his journey from Alt Rock to Outlaw Country, about his work with Aftermath and Dr. Dre, about Sun Records, as well as trying to rehabilitate the recorder, you know, that instrument that probably caused you much PTSD in Music Appreciation classes. And I think we did a pretty good job here. We also talked about Mercury Retrograde like true Angelinos and he mentioned a breakfast with Neil Young. That’s a pretty cool teaser right ? Come on, I’m trying to get you excited here. It's hard to listen to a podcast when you don't know the artist. But you got to trust me here. El Caplan, aka Chris, deserves your attention. I promise you won't regret it. If you do, take all your rage out on me like a true French revolutionary.

- Vincent Walter Jacob

El Caplan in Pioneertown by Vincent Walter Jacob

El Caplan in Pioneertown by Vincent Walter Jacob

El Caplan in Pioneertown by Vincent Walter Jacob

El Caplan in Pioneertown by Vincent Walter Jacob

El Caplan performing at the Red Dog Saloon in Pioneertown by Vincent Walter Jacob


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