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Season 3 Episode 4 // RONBOY

Listen to the podcast interview with RONBOY:

Hi Sunset people. Or should I call you Sunseters? Sunseties? I think it’s time I find you a name. You know, like the Swifties for Taylor Swift, or like the Avocados for Billie Eilish. I think you deserve a name. Some of you have been listening to me for 2 years now and I think you need to be addressed properly. Maybe we should do a poll and see what you like. Right now, I’ll just call you “my little Sunsets”. Isn’t it cute?

All right, my little Sunsets, today we have Julia Laws aka Ronboy on the show. I’m going to say it clearly. Ronboy is my favorite artist of the year. I got to thank Atta Boy for the discovery because it was through them that I first heard of Ronboy. Her debut album Pity To Love just got out, she packed Gold Diggers for her release party and now she’s here, on Hanging On Sunset.

Ronboy music is like a blanket, it’s a perfect soundtrack when you need a little comfort in your life. And we all do right now it seems. Not just because the weather is chilling. But you know, for everything crazy that’s happening in our world. Midterms are coming and what I read in the news is not making me serene. It seems MAGA people are everywhere those days, entering every branch of the government. Hard to believe, hard to process. The war in Europe is also a good reason for not being so calm right now either. A Nuclear apocalypse on the horizon? Damn it, it's a really spooky season. I’m not going to list everything that makes me lose my mind at the moment, there’s too many. But if you’re like me and you need a safe place to release all that tension, I recommend you to listen to Ronboy.

And not only, her music is beautiful and haunting, but Julia is smart, accessible and just a great person in general. I had a great time talking to her about her musical journey, her musical approach and life in general. Plus, she gratified us with an absolute tear jerking rendition of “Your Way” for Hanging On Sunset TV. If you haven’t watched it, please go to our Youtube channel or on our Instagram.

Ronboy will be performing at Genghis Cohen on November 18th. Don’t miss it.

-Vincent Walter Jacob

35 mm gallery by Vincent Walter Jacob :

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