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Season 3 Episode 5 // BABA JENKINS

Baba Jenkins label their music as "Gumbo". The culinary term Gumbo describes a type of soup or stew that originates in the southern United States. It's basically a blend of flavors, which is exactly what Baba Jenkins music is. Alternative, Classic Rock, Blues, old time RnB are all mixed together to create a soul-infused dish.

We met Rone (vocals) and Guy (guitar), and we talked about their musical journey, how they formed during the pandemic with the help of Bandmix, a service that connects musicians, and how they evolved into that incredible group with live brass.

Baba Jenkins are not newcomers to the scene. Individually, they've been through a lot, they've even touched the sky sometimes, like when Rone was offered a 100k deal ten years ago. But he didn't sign the deal because the label wanted to keep all the rights... After that experience, he basically gave up music.

It wasn't until Guy found his Bandmix profile that Rone even considered starting music again. Rone was initially hesitant to meet with Guy about starting a new band, but he was eventually convinced by Guy's enthusiasm. And that's where the magic happened. At that first meeting, they had already written an entire song... The rest is history. Rone regained his passion and joined forces with Guy to form Baba Jenkins. Along the way, they found seasoned musicians to share their new dream: Ekko & Skooter.

- Vincent Walter Jacob

Baba Jenkins live on Hanging On Sunset:

Guy and Rone (Baba Jenkins) by Vincent Walter Jacob

Gallery by Julien André:

Check Baba Jenkins' debut album "Copper".


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