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Holiday Special Episode: Brinley Amicon interviews Fernanda Linhares

You might know Brinley Amicon as an incredibly talented guitar player. You might also know her as the guest of the first episode of our second season ( But even if you follow her and know her, you're about to discover another side of her personality because Brinley is also an amazing interviewer. When she came to our show, we immediately bonded and we laughed a lot. One of the jokes we made was about doing kind of a "Freaky Friday" episode where she would interview us back! It started as a joke but we kept coming back to this idea and when Fernanda and I were brainstorming about some Holiday Specials ideas, this appeared to be the most logical yet also most fun one. We had to do the "opposite episode" with Brinley!

Also, I thought it would be great to give an insight into the backstory of our host Fernanda Linhares. People have come to know her better through our episodes but we want to know more about her, right?! Where does her passion for rock come from? How was her musical upbringing? Is it true that, against all odds, it all started with the Spice Girls? (Spoiler alert: Yes). All of this and more are in this very special episode! Discover the inspiring story that brought Fernanda from Brazil to California. It's actually a perfect coming-of-age rock n' roll tale for the holidays. It's mostly a motivational testimony that big dreams can get you where you need if you are determined. Last but not least, it's a well-deserved insight into the life of our beloved friend, an amazing and talented girl that would do everything for her friends and for her cause: saving rock n' roll!

This episode is also proof that what matters most about our project is the community we're building and the friends we make along the way. Fernanda and Brinley didn't know each other before we first interviewed Brinley and they're now great friends. They also work together sometimes when Fernanda helps style Brinley on her iconic photoshoots. We crave that kind of interaction and friendship around our shared love for rock n' roll. And honestly, there's nothing much that can beat that.


Fernanda Linhares - Picture by Brinley Amicon

Brinley Amicon - 35mm by Vincent Walter Jacob


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