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Live Report: Skullcrusher at the Masonic Lodge (Hollywood Forever)

Skullcrusher played a concert in Los Angeles on October 17th to support their new album, "Quiet The Room". I've been sitting on those pictures for a long time now but now I have some free time to get through it. Taking place at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in the Masonic Lodge, there was no better setting than this gloomy place for Hellen Ballentine's eerie and haunting music.

When we arrived at the show, I recognized a familiar face at Will Call. I ran into a colleague of mine who works at the school where I teach music. We were as surprised as she was. I wasn't expecting to see her at a cemetery concert. In fact, she explained to me she used to have Hellen as a student in New York in her second grade class. That's a weird coincidence. Hellen was already artsy at this age, she said. Bringing a drawing of Hellen's from when she was 7, she provided evidence for her claim. Cute emoji.

- Vincent Water Jacob

35mm Gallery by Vincent Walter Jacob:

Gallery by Julien André:


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