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RONBOY Live at Genghis Cohen

After my interview with Julia Laws, aka Ronboy, I got the opportunity to see her live at Genghis Cohen.

Before the show, I met a guy in the room. As he came by himself too, we began chatting. Ronboy wasn't on his radar as he came to see another performer. I told him to stay for Ronboy because he was in for a real treat.

During "Your Way", the very first song of the set, I could see him shed a tear. I spoke with him again after the show, and he told me that he had forgotten that he had come to watch the other performer. It's exactly what you can expect from Ronboy.

Julia and her band (Sam Stewart on guitar and Matt Musty on drums) played an emotional and raw set that expanded my experience of her debut album. If you get a chance, go see Ronboy live.

- Vincent Walter Jacob

35 mm Gallery by Vincent Walter Jacob:


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